When the first rains of the year arrive, the wild grasses of northern Botswana burst into life, and the great herds of animals disperse. Until then, the skies are vast and open, the earth dusty, grazing is scarce, and water more precious than anything. As the wildlife is bound to the rivers and water holes, both predator and prey are forced closer and closer together. This is the setting for the most dramatic theatre on the African continent—the battle for survival—and the perfect place for a wildlife photographer to be. September is the ideal month to witness this drama as it unfolds. The concentration of wildlife is at its peak and at its most precarious. The days are long, and the light is fantastic. There is dust, water, beautiful sunsets, and incredible action.

Join us in Botswana for an unforgettable photographic adventure, full of prime game viewing and drama. View more information about our Botswana photo safari below.


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