The joy of sharing Africa with your family is unparalleled. Seeing your children’s faces light up as they see an elephant in the wild for the first time, carve a spear with their guides, and listen to age-old tales around the campfire is a truly magical experience. Getting your family far away from civilisation, technology, and the stress of modern life, and into the heart of the natural world is the essence of a family safari. Away from distractions, you will not only have a chance to reconnect with nature, but you will also have the opportunity to reconnect with each other. Spending quality time with your family in the bush is an experience unlike any other.

Our team has traveled extensively with children in Africa. We know what works for family members of all ages. You may want to join in on a traditional African dance, go fishing in the delta, learn skills like animal tracking and how to survive in the African savannah. Your itinerary may alternate wildlife drives with hands-on activities like interactive nature walks, camp craft, and sand dune riding. We recommend variety to ensure the whole family is entertained. We handpick camps and lodges that cater specifically to families, with specialised children’s programs, safari guides who understand children, and family-friendly rooms and meals.

Wildlight Safaris is here to ensure that your family holiday is personally tailored to surprise and delight every member of the family. Choose one of the itineraries below, or contact us to begin creating the perfect family adventure.


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