We feel fortunate to be a part of our clients’ African journeys, and we cherish their travel stories and comments. We highly encourage feedback so that we can continue to exceed expectations and offer unforgettable safari adventures.

Personalised Botswana, 2019

Sharon, Australia

Just a note to let you know how much we enjoyed our visit to Chobe and Victoria Falls. All accommodations were perfect and all transfers were professional and punctual. I felt like I was in a movie at the Victoria Falls Hotel!

Personalised Botswana, 2019

Emily & Kenneth, USA

We had an amazing time!!! Thank you so much for planning our trip! We absolutely loved all of the lodges! We met Knowledge at DVL he said to say hi! He was so great! Not a complaint to be had :) we saw 7 lions 2 leopards 1 cheetah a group of wild dogs countless elephants giraffes and zebras! It was very lovely!! Loved all the food at each place, and the accommodations were excellent!!

East Africa Photo Safari, 2018

Elizabeth, USA

‘ Just sitting in the lounge for my flight out of Entebbe, we had the most incredible time. Leaned to photograph! The gorillas yesterday were incredible, I will call you when back to tell you all- thank you so much for all

Botswana Photo Safari, 2018

Amy, USA

‘Just wanted to send you a quick note that thank you profusely for taking care of me and arranging all the small details such as transportation/transfers and booking amazing hotels for me in Maun and Cape Town! I had a terrific experience from beginning to end – terrific doesn’t begin to express the memories which I’ll have. I did swap out the bush walk for an overnight under the stars on the Salt Pan at Planet Boabab. The hotel in Cape Town was exceptional and the staff incredibly helpful. And that’s not even mentioning the photo trip with Dean and Chris.I’ll be extending my appreciation for that separately. I just wanted to drop a quick line to say thank you for make my entire experience in Africa so easy and enjoyable!.

Botswana Photo Safari, 2018

Scott, USA

What an incredible experience, so many images to edit and yes I will be coming to Tanzania with you next year!!

Family Safari Botswana, 2017

Kay, USA

I cannot think of a better way to enter the New Year than sitting on a private deck watching the sun go down, elephants passing by the camp and lions roaring in the distance. We had been to Africa before, but Botswana really exceeded our expectations, in accommodation,
service, and wildlife. Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without Wildlight’s expertise–they were with us at every step of the planning process, listening to our needs and tailoring to our desires.

Family Safari Botswana, 2017

Kay, USA

I cannot think of a better way to enter the New Year than sitting on a private deck watching the sun go down, elephants passing by the camp and lions roaring in the distance. We had been to Africa before, but Botswana really exceeded our expectations, in accommodation,
service, and wildlife. Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without Wildlight’s expertise–they were with us at every step of the planning process, listening to our needs and tailoring to our desires.

Family Safari Botswana, 2016

Ron, USA

You truly tailored a trip for me and my family and had not simply put package piece A together with D and E. I felt from the beginning we were working together on this and you wanted it to be as successful a trip as much as I did. Colin’s crew couldn’t be beat especially Anna who would arrange the boys’ blankets and stuffed animals differently every time, often matching the blanket folding with the dinner napkin folding. Really over the top wonderful that DELIGHTED the kids. They really adored all the guides and staff. I honestly believe no one could have pulled off as perfect a trip for us. You were right on every call about the scheduling of our trip. The boys had such a great trip, Emily and I had such a great trip, and large part of that credit goes to you.

Botswana Photo Safari, 2016

Barrie, USA

I had a great trip. Our trackers were great at finding the animals and positioning us for maximal photo opportunities. Then Dean and Chris provided the artistic direction to help me maximize the photographic results. I improved at exposing light correctly, especially backlight and midday light. Also as a result of this trip I’m much more adept at exposure compensation. Dean also helped me with saving, organizing and making copies of my images into Lightroom. I’m very appreciative of that. Then when my card reader failed, he let me use his.I also feel like the experience was as “close to the ground” as possible –Just what I wanted. The cook did an amazing job, really amazing, accommodating my dairy intolerance. THANK YOU!

Private Photo Safari, 2016

Bernard, Belgium

It was fantastic. Hard to beat and really special. I liked the diversity of the locations, the lengths of the stays, the friendliness of everyone involved at the different locations etc. Botswana does a great job – literally nothing went wrong on the trip and I was amazed how all connections worked like clockwork.

Namibia Photo Safari, 2016

Andy, USA

The trip was fabulous. It is so much more than a photo tour: it’s an adventure. Sure, we learn a lot about photography, but we also learn about culture and animal behavior, and we created incredible relationships with each other. Bottom line, words cannot properly explain the magnitude of the experience and the education on this trip.

Personalised Zambia, 2015

Katy & John, UK

What a holiday! The places we stayed were completely wonderful; the staff at both camps could not have been more helpful and friendly, the settings were beautiful and the wildlife was totally stunning! All the flights and travel arrangements you organised worked smoothly without any hiccups at all. Timings were all great – plenty of time without too much hanging around, and we particularly enjoyed the small private charter flight back from Royal, of course. Wildlife in the 2 parks incredible: we had a total of 14 separate leopard sightings over the 2 camps, including one during the walking safari, which was a lifetime highlight for me. Very very high quality, and lovely, guides. Superb throughout. Hard to imagine a better holiday in any respect.

Botswana Photo Safari, 2015

Louise, Australia

Wildlight runs a top notch business and their passion for wildlife was clear. Thanks to our guide’s dedication to getting those shots, we couldn’t have had a more spectacular experience. We adored all of the staff, and the group of photographers was awesome. We are already looking to plan a reunion trip.

Namibia Photo Safari, 2015

Josh, USA

The trip was amazing, and really, every part of it was great. The guides were so generous with their knowledge and spirit and it’s great to see guys of their calibre get such a buzz from someone else taking a great image. Of course, none of this happens without you, so I wanted to thank you personally for the epic amount of work that you do. Please know I’m not the only one on this trip that thinks this. On the final night you and your work were toasted loudly by everyone there. Overall it was such a great experience in so many ways: humbling, inspiring, and special.

Namibia Photo Safari, 2015

John, UK

This trip far exceeded my wildest expectations. The personal touches, the photographic instruction, and the good company made it such a unique and memorable experience. I will highly recommend Wildlight to anyone looking to go to Africa, New Zealand, or any other Wildlight destinations!

Personalised Botswana, 2015

Joan, USA

Wildlight was absolutely wonderful to deal with! Patricia gave detailed, useful advice before going, including what useful gifts we could bring. We booked the flights ourselves and our luggage did not arrive. The airlines were of no use, so I reached out to Patricia even though she had not handled our flights, and she took it on as if it were her suitcase lost. She stayed on top of the airlines and even pulled some strings and got people to go to three different airports in three different countries to look for them. I was so impressed with her dedication and professionalism!

Personalised Botswana, 2015

Val, USA

We just returned from a wonderful 2 week trip to Chobe, Okavango Delta and Makgadikgadi. I highly recommend Wildlight Safaris. Patricia was a delight to work with and gave us such good information in planning our trip and our itinerary, which was set up perfectly. Our stay in various camps throughout the Delta and Chobe allowed us to see most of the big game and even wild dogs. Makgadikgadi was such a contrast, and it was such a treat to see all the zebras as well as spend time with the Bushmen.

Botswana Photo Safari, 2015

Kamalesh, Australia

The guides were very knowledgeable, enthusiastic & able to spot wildlife in very well camouflaged conditions, wait patiently for animals to reveal themselves, position vehicle to both anticipate animals’ movements and for the best light & angle for photography.

Namibia Photo Safari, 2015

Paolo, Switzerland

The trip was amazing! Namibia is a beautiful country and I had so much fun with Dean and Chris. The organization, the car, the places, the food….everything was perfect! A big thank you to Dean who shared with me a lot of tips on the field and on post processing the images. Hope to do another trip with you in the future.

Personalised Uganda, 2014

Tracy, Hong Kong

As I speed through my hectic days back in Hong Kong thoughts of my safari in Uganda keep me smiling and wanting to go back for more. It was amazing from start to finish – the arrangements, the sights, the sounds, the guides, the camps, the food. Patricia at Wildlight had me totally organised getting there and back and answered all my last minute questions.

Equine Safari Botswana, 2014

Sue & Joe, USA

We had our first trip to Botswana in May. What a fantastic trip we had. Great camps – Meno a Kwena, Delta, Macatoo and Kwando Lagoon. We saw some great wildlife, met some great guides and camp managers and enjoyed the company of fellow guests. Our trip went without a hitch. The fact that Patricia from Wildlight Safaris had managed a camp in the Okavango meant that she was aware of what was provided at the various camp. Our selection was a mix of our selection and recommendations from Wildlight. We thoroughly enjoyed every day of our holiday and have no hesitation in recommending the company. We would use their services again.

Personalised Botswana, 2014

Jim, USA

Wildlight’s knowledge, experience, communication style, responsiveness, and detailed arrangements to get us fine camps with excellent guides were wonderful assets. We had a great trip, with all our concerns and questions addressed. We prefer generally to make our own travel arrangements, but if you are traveling in Botswana to multiple sites, you do need to have an agent to make your bookings and offer advice. We wrote to agencies in South Africa, the U.S., and Botswana itself. The one who ‘heard’ us most clearly and followed on to our requests most cogently was Wildlight Safaris. We chose them, and based on the results, we were delighted we did.

Patricia went out of her way to accommodate our special needs, resulting in a highly professionally-planned tour. We got the tops in guides, lodges, drivers and food, without a doubt, including, in Namibia, the best and most-informed guide/driver we’ve ever had. One example of outstanding service arranged by Patricia was my need for throughout-the-night electricity to power my CPAP (breathing assistance) machine required due to my obstructive sleep apnea; where there was no wall-outlet power, Patricia assured that the (two) camps provided fully-charged vehicle batteries beside my bed each night, requiring me to provide only the CPAP machine capable of running on DC power and my air hose and air mask. Talk about good SERVICE!

Just returned from an outstanding safari trip planned flawlessly by Wildlight. This was our third African safari, and by far the best. Our group of 13 were all from the USA. We visited Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia over a 3 1/2 week period, flying on bush planes between several of the camps that we visited. The logistics and facilities were excellent despite our trying to keep costs down targeting mid-point camps. The facilities and service at Jack’s Camp in Botswana were the best of any of the very good lodges and camps we visited.Our transfers were all accomplished without any problems. Many of our group expressed an interest in having Patricia plan a return trip for us to New Zealand.

Namibia Photo Safari, 2014

Chris, New Zealand

I must make a huge shout out to Wildlight Safaris, for their well packaged Photo Safari that saw us ravel some 2500kms over the last 12 days where no stone was left unturned in ensuring we were well accommodated, well fed, had the best tuition and the best photographic opportunity where very few people were. Dean and Patricia, thank you.

Honeymoon Safari Zimbabwe & Botswana, 2014

Yanqi & Vignesh, Malaysia

Zimbabwe and Botswana are amazing! We really marvelled the superb level of hospitality they provided to us in the midst of the wilderness. There were elephants EVERYWHERE… and we had a hippo grazing right next to our room while we had our dinner. The helicopter ride in was a real treat, I cannot imagine a better way of beholding the vastness and beauty of the delta, the wondrous work of nature with its varied landscapes. Our hosts at the camps really served from their hearts and went the extra mile to ensure our needs were well taken care of and accommodated. We were delighted to find that their level of hospitality surpassed even the best rated hotels in the cities! The trip would not be possible if you did not piece everything together for us in such a tight timeframe. We’ve heard from many other guests that they had trouble securing this and that camp because they were fully booked out way in advance, but somehow you miraculously managed to fit us in to where we wanted to stay. Thank you!!

Botswana Photo Safari, 2014

Greg, Australia

Loved the trip. Great administration – everything went like clockwork. The accommodation and food were more than I expected and made the down time comfortable and relaxed or as relaxed as it could be given the amount of time we spent out in the vehicles. This by the way was the best part – no point being in camp when the animals were all out (except for the leopard and hyenas one night!) It was also great to have the trackers along to provide such an in-depth commentary to the whole experience. It was great to listen to people who have lived this experience for such a long time. And thanks to Dean’s advice, I am certainly a lot better and more confident than when I started. All in all a fantastic trip and one I would recommend to any keen photographer. Thanks again for organising such a great trip and who knows I might turn up on another one.

Personalised Zambia & Botswana, 2014

Ian & Jan, New Zealand

We had the most amazing time, and all the arrangements for moving between locations went completely smoothly. We were very grateful for this – it looked, at times, as if there was plenty of scope for things to go wrong! But as if by magic people turned up at the right time and in the right place, and looked after us wonderfully.

Botswana Photo Safari, 2014

Robert, UK

It was the trip of a lifetime and I would like to thank you all for your organisation and kindness. I can only say that everything went brilliantly ­ organisation, instruction, accommodation, staff etc etc. All the other guests were so nice and congenial, and helpful too.

Personalised Zimbabwe, 2014

Paula & Daniel, New Zealand

Everything went so smoothly on the flights, transfers and schedules. The ground staff was really good and made the transition really seamless. Our guide was fantastic, the day was perhaps one of the best we have ever experienced in all the travels we have done. Just apart from being professional and knowledgeable , he provided an experience few I think could match. His knowledge of the bush, it’s animals, the spoors, the bird life, his keen eye to identify specific species was incredible. I really wanted to put this company forward as being the best I have been with, the experience was awesome.

Botswana Photo Safari, 2014

Karin, Brazil

Seeing animals, being close to them was a great experience. Everything was nice: meals, weather, accommodation, staff … especially Delta Camp! The memories of this trip will stay with us forever!

Personalised Namibia, 2013

Krys, Australia

It was an amazing experience in all respects. I cannot recommend Wildlight Safaris and their team highly enough. Afterwards we drove ourselves around Namibia–everything was so well planned for us and in such a professional and friendly manner. 15/10 for all services!

Family Safari Botswana, 2012

Matt, Australia

Knowledgeable, friendly, flexible – Wildlight really goes above and beyond to make sure the trip you organise is one you wont regret. I spent a year working in the bush, but had never been to Botswana and wanted to take my wife and in-laws (who have never been on Safari) on a trip so it’s fair to say I had a good idea of what I was after, but little idea as to where to find it in the Delta… I must have changed my mind a dozen times and each time Patricia came up with a couple more options and suggestions.

Botswana Photo Safari, 2013

Sue, USA

The word outstanding is an understatement. From the beginning of our planning, Patricia worked very closely, promptly answering any of our emails, assisting us in making any outside reservations in the days after the excursion. The planned adventure was just outside of our comfort zone in planning and Patricia was very reassuring that she would be in contact with support staff as we traveled from Botswana to Zimbabwe. Because of her attention to detail, our trip was flawless and exceeded our expectations. My husband & I are both photo hobbyists, but they work with all levels of photographers. You might remain with a leopard for 2-3 hours, but what you might come away with is a photo of a leopard leaping from 1 branch to another, not just a leopard laying on a branch. Other safari vehicles pull up, spend 10-20 min. and drive off, never getting photos of the leopard coming down the tree or the lion leaping a creek. You also have a full bench in the vehicle to yourself so that you can photograph wildlife from either side of the vehicle (small group size of 6). With Wildlight Safaris, you are out in the bush from before sun up until dark, with the goal of maximizing your time taking wildlife photos.

Botswana Photo Safari, 2013

Raewyne, New Zealand

Your planning went without a hitch – everything worked perfectly. I have learnt heaps and have so many great photos to deal with! Dean is very impressive dealing with everything around him, a great tutor and mentor. I found him very pleasant company. Between the two of you, I was enabled to have the trip and experience of my whole life – so I thank you both so very much for all your care and attention. Your efforts were beyond expectation and so gratefully received.

Botswana Photo Safari, 2013

Andy, USA

The experience was a magical combination of time of year, location, talent, guides, and animals (literally hundreds)! Having been to Africa before, specifically Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda,… my expectations were high. And this trip exceeded every expectation! This experience isn’t for everyone. If you are looking for a plush lodge and watching tame animals from the balcony of your room, this wasn’t your trip. This is for those who want to be in the habitat of these magnificent and in some cases endangered animals. For example, on several nights lions, hyenas, and leopards wandered between the tents. Secondly, Patricia was phenomenal in making trip adjustments when I encountered a “little” passport problem. I made one phone call, which was the middle of the night where she was, and the problem was resolved. Travel depends on what you want out of your experience. Patricia and Dean expertly created my perfect photo experience.

Botswana Photo Safari, 2013

Joe, USA

The entire trip was the smoothest, best organized trip ever. Every landing, every border crossing, every detail ­ there was always someone there looking for us, with our name. It was a magical trip. The animals were so close – beyond what I had ever dreamed. There were times I could not even use my 100mm lens they were so close, walking past the vehicle. It seems like we saw animals around every corner. Dean, Des and Colin are so patient, so knowledgeable, reading tracks, signs of animals. We had wonderful sightings all because of them. And we had fun! I can’t thank you enough for all of the arrangements you made for us, for all your patience the many past months, fielding my many questions. It’s truly difficult to describe what the safari is like to someone who hasn’t been on one, but you did a great job, always reassuring us and always answering my e-mails promptly. We toasted you, you can picture it: at the end of supper, in the dining tent, candlelight glow, and a happy group of people saying what a fantastic job you had done.

Botswana Photo Safari, 2013

Toby, New Zealand (Winner of Nikon ‘I am on Safari’ Competition)

I had a great time, really want to be there still! The guides were outstanding; everyday it didn’t take long to find animals and lots of leopards! They were very tuned in to what the animals were doing, where they might be and predicting what may happen. The camps were really well run and the staff were very friendly.

Personalised Botswana, 2013

Helen, Australia

Our interactions with camp staff were great and we felt right at home. The view from Oddballs Camp is hard to beat. At the end of my verandah was a hippo wallow, and he came there every night grunting and splashing. I will always remember it.

Personalised Botswana, 2012

Ian, UK

We had a fantastic time at all of the camps, especially Oddballs. We saw loads of animals, including eye to eye with a pride of lions. Everything went like clockwork.

Personalised South Africa, Botswana & Zimbabwe, 2012

Tanya & Craig, New Zealand

A big THANK YOU for organising such a wonderful holiday for us – we had the most amazing time in Southern Africa, and it was definitely one of our best holidays so far. The lodges which you recommended were just fantastic and very hard to fault – they were exactly the types of places we were after. We saw the big 5 as well as lots of other animals so we were very lucky. We even saw the recent wild dog puppies at Lagoon Camp – they were very cute. We have lots of photos to go through and memories that will last us a lifetime. Thanks again, Patricia – your help in organising our holiday was simply the best.

Botswana Photo Safari, 2012

Kamalesh & Sato, Australia

Our 2010 safari deserved 10/10, so this one has to be 15/10. The sightings were amazing. Wildlight’s patiently offered photographic advice was incredibly useful and has enhanced my ability to make better use of my camera as well as take better safari photographs. I’ve begun looking at my shots and am reminded of the wild cats we saw early in the morning, the wattle cranes with the chick; numerous leopard sightings; the three cheetahs; numerous wild dogs and their pups; some great bird shots; hippos fighting, mating and grazing in daytime; lovely elephant shots; great lion experience highlighted of course by the two elephant kills and of course the incredibly close encounter; hyenas – that we did not see last time.

Family Luxury Safari Botswana, 2012

Morrice, Australia

Everything went to plan and all of the arrangements Patricia made worked perfectly. The Camp at Okuti was magical and the Delta experience even better than what we had expected.

Luxury Botswana, Zimbabwe & Kenya, 2012

Michael, Australia

Teresa and I had a wonderful time. Everything went superbly well, the lodges were all magnificent, the service impeccable, the people unbelievable hospitable, the scenery as magnificent as we had imagined, and the wildlife were plentiful and stunning!
We were particularly appreciative of your efforts and attention to detail. It is remarkable how important the ‘little things’ can be on such a trip. Being met at J’burg airport to store our baggage and transfer to Maun, lending us the camera bean bags, advice about what to expect at the Botswana-Zimbabwe border, your recommendations of accommodation, and so on. We remarked that all your recommendations turned out perfectly, and the only recommendation we didn’t take turned out such that we wish we had taken your advice. Thank you for making our first trip to Africa such an absolute joy.

Personalised Botswana, 2012

Veena, USA

We had a wonderful time in Botswana. We really appreciate all of your help in coming up with a perfect itinerary. There is nothing we would have changed about the itinerary, we both agreed that the camps and sites were set up the best way possible. All of the lodges were great and your descriptions of each camp were spot on. The staff at each camp were a delight. We had lions close to our camp and we could hear them roaring all night, as well as hippos chomping on food near our tent, and leopard sounds as well. Thank you for all the information you provided to us to help us plan and prepare for our trip. We have told many people how happy we were with you, as you are the only person who provided the information we needed to plan this trip. Given the poor information from other travel agents prior to booking this trip, we would not have gone to Botswana this year if it weren’t for your help.

Botswana Photo Safari, 2011

Michael, USA

Wow! Wow! Wow! Does that give an idea about how much I enjoyed this safari? Our tracker and photo guide worked extremely well together to make all of us feel important guests. I especially loved having proper mid-morning tea break in the bush. We also had such good luck in getting in the right place to take memorable photographs. And the chemistry among us all also helped make our safari an individual and group success. No one complained when we patiently waited for natural events to take place. The inevitable outcome rewarded with incredible shots of big game animal life.

Botswana Photo Safari, 2011

Joshua, Australia

I wanted to thank you personally for all your efforts with this trip. It was an experience I will never forget and it was a real pleasure travelling with Dean and the rest of the crew. Those guys were superb with their service and hospitality and were a huge part of our enjoyment of the experience. I could list highlights but it was pretty much all highlights! I’m already starting to think about my return!

Family Safari Botswana & Zambia, 2011

Kathy, New Zealand

The camp in Chongwe had elephants, wart hogs, sables, baboons, and impala wandering through it, and hippos and crocodiles in and on the river banks. The elephants come right up to the tents, and I even had an elephant trunk come over the en-suite wall, while I was in the shower! We watched the elephants crossing the river and could sit in our deck chairs and watch so much happening. As well as that there is the choice of fishing, sunset cruises, locals village and canoeing. The staff where great, food great and to top it all our very first safari we came across a ‘pride’ of 11 lions sunbathing after having had a big eat. All in all we ALL had an amazing time and would have no hesitation in recommending this safari to others. We were pleased we did Ngoma first as we all enjoyed Chongwe more. They are quite different which is what I asked you for and you did a great job giving us the two different experiences. Thank you for making my 60th birthday something I will always remember and I will recommend you to anyone traveling to Africa. The trip far surpassed my expectations.

Mobile Safari Botswana, 2011

Jan, Qatar

The 9 day mobile safari was everything that I hoped it would be. All the staff everywhere were professional, friendly and couldn’t do enough for me, and the guide was absolutely brilliant. He was an amazing tracker and spotter and knew the behaviour of the animals so well that he could predict where they would emerge from the bush with 100% accuracy. We saw 3 different leopards, including one with her cub, hundreds of elephants and buffalo, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, hippos, crocodiles, jackals, hyenas, cheetahs, lionesses, their cubs and two magnificent male lions – all within 25 or so metres. One leopard strolled very close to the vehicle, looking at us with curiosity, the elephants trumpeted and flapped their ears, but did not go any further as we sat quietly in the vehicle absolutely awed. The male lions ignored us as they strolled majestically by. The birdlife was equally as varied and prolific – it is a birder’s paradise.

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